GCS MedReport is a software program that allows you to view HIPAA 5010 999 and 277CA Acknowledgement reports in an easy to read report format.

This software is designed specifically for EDI acknowledgements for Professional health claims.

Here are some screen shots to show how simple GCS MedReport is to use:

On launching the software, the following screen is displayed. On the left side is the folder structure from where you can pick the appropriate 999 or 277CA files to view. The report is shown on the right frame of the screen.

When you select a 277CA file, the report is shown on the right frame. Following is a list of few sample 277CA reports, explaining the different parts of the report.

Example 1:

277CA report with one claim passed and one claim partially accepted. IN other words, one of the line items was rejected.

Example 2:

A 277CA report in which all claims have been accepted (no rejections). This example also shows how multiple claims for a given patient would be displayed:

For more on the software, you can download the software for a free 7-day trial. You can also download the documentation for this software here.

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When I decided to become a medical biller, I looked at many software applications. Many were priced far out of reach for me. Some less expensive ones didn't have the automated features I needed.

GCS Health was the perfect option for me because their softwares are very powerful, but extremely affordable.
ProMed Billing

Please give George and Andy in Technical Support a big thank you for the updates in the Report Menu.

The new reports they created have been very helpful in tracking claims, solving problems and insuring a steady and timely cash flow.

It has been real pleasure in working with all of you at Glendale Computer Services.

David H. Talbert
Bell Christian Home (ADHC)